A landmark signature that deserves a vivid record
Message from JCDecaux
Simply a perfect match.

The VIP Bon Voyage Panorama, the Bon Voyage Metro Bridge, and the Emirates branding posted on these two sites, they are just so naturally blended into one another, as if the branding was originally part of the architecture. We see this as a unique feature when Emirates communication takes place in Dubai International Terminal 3 and not anywhere else in the world.

More than merely an average advertising campaign, this is in fact exhibiting Emirates signature on its home; it's a signage, a landmark, a centrepiece. And it was our pleasure to identify and create these locations tailor made for Emirates, to execute the work and make it happen.

To commemorate this meaningful journey of putting a masterpiece in place with a magical touch, we spare a little extra to capture not only the final products, but also the story-telling behind-the-scenes, as the souvenir for this exceptional journey.
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