The Brief
• Dubai Heights Academy – a new school in Dubai.
• Inclusive educational platform.
• Offering a holistic learning environment – Academic, Cognitive and Social.
• Mainstream educational programs that include exceptional internal therapy support, specialty teachers and facilities for children with various learning abilities and challenges.
• Facilities such as the SEN section which has a multipurpose sensory gym, sensory garden and outdoor spaces which further enhances play and development of mainstream students yet also supports the SEN population.

Purpose of the exercise 
• Stimulate fresh thinking about the intricacies of the brand.
• Provide provocations to think about the brand in a different way.
• Gain clarity on the true story of the brand.
• Collate and analyse findings.
• Discover the physical and the philosophical parameters of the brand.
• Conceptualise and design the identity.

The Vision
For every child, a platform for academic achievement, cognitive development and personal excellence
For every mind, an engaging approach, inclusive environment and progressive learning experiences
For everybody, the inspiration to be the best version of themselves​​​​​​​

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